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At Citrus Regional Clinic of Chiropractic, our goal is to help you live a happier, healthier, pain-free life. You may be among the thousands of patients who already enjoy the benefits of restored health through modern chiropractic care, without the use of drugs or surgery. We welcome you to our patient-friendly facility featuring state of the art painless and precise X-ray and instrument spinal adjusting procedures.

Our helpful staff is attentive to your health challenges and to you, personally. Our purpose is to gain your greatest confidence, offer comfort and assist you in the quickest recovery possible. We want your experience to be stress-free and rewarding. We accurately analyze your condition and recommend treatment customized to your specific needs. Whether you suffer from headaches, back pain or other acute problems to chronic, frustrating conditions that continually drain your energy and quality of life, we take your health needs seriously.

Discover the advantages of precision chiropractic care that works in harmony with your body. We practice with the attitude of "do no harm" as we help your body realize its optimum health potential, avoiding the often dangerous side effects of drugs and risks involved with surgery.

Our approach involves identifying and correcting the underlying cause of your suffering, not just covering it up. Be comforted knowing you can rely on our clinical excellence and track record of results. We look forward to helping you and your family on the path to better health.


Dr. Jill Smith is a Board Certified Doctor of Chiropractic licensed in the state of Florida. Dr. Smith grew up in rural southern Ohio. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in 2012. In 2014 she earned her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life University College of Chiropractic. She has research published alongside several esteemed colleagues in the Journal of Pediatric, Maternal, and Family Health Chiropractic.

Dr. Smith completed internships at Life University Center for Health and Optimal Performance where she worked in the Upper Cervical unit. Additionally, she served at The Extension, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility, providing residents with pro-bono chiropractic care. She practiced in a structural correction focused clinic in St. Petersburg Florida before entering private practice in Sarasota, FL. Most recently she and her husband moved to Citrus County Florida to lay down roots and raise their two children.

Dr. Jill Smith prefers modern chiropractic practices that require no bending, twisting or popping. She is Advanced Certified Proficient in Torque Release Technique. She recognizes the importance and complexity of the cranio-cervical junction and was delighted at the opportunity to team with
Dr. Jeffrey Fowler to pursue her dream of practicing upper cervical focused chiropractic. She spent 12 months as an exam doctor at Citrus Regional Clinic of Chiropractic where she concurrently studied Advanced Orthogonal Technique under the direct tutelage of Dr. Fowler resulting in proficiency and certification.

Dr. Smith is committed to lifelong learning in the pursuit of excellence in the science, art, and philosophy of chiropractic. Her personal mission is to serve God, her family, and community through the vehicle of specific scientific chiropractic care. Dr. Smith looks forward to meeting you and is excited to team with you as your partner in health!

Dr. Jill I. Smith

2014 Doctor of Chiropractic, Life University College of Chiropractic
2012 Bachelor of Science, Life University

Current Associate Doctor
2018 Exam Doctor, Citrus County, FL
2016-17 Private practice, Sarasota County, FL
2014-15 Exam Doctor, Pinellas County, FL
2013-14 Intern, Cobb County, GA

Licensures & Certifications
Advanced Orthogonal Technique
Florida State Chiropractic License
National Board of Chiropractic Examiners
Parts I, II, Ill, IV & PT
Advanced Certified Proficient Torque Release Technique

2015 Journal of Pediatric, Maternal, and Family Health Chiropractic

Dr. Jeffrey Fowler is originally from the suburbs of Detroit, MI and received a Bachelor of Science degree at Excelsior College in upstate New York. He attended Life University College of Chiropractic in Marietta, GA where he obtained his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2002.

Continuing his education, Dr. Fowler completed more than 170 hours of postgraduate work earning a certification in the upper cervical spine as a Board Certified Atlas Orthogonist from Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic in Spartanburg, South Carolina. He also completed a postgraduate internship at Pierce Clinic of Chiropractic in St. Petersburg, Florida and assisted in converting a 15-year-old traditional chiropractic clinic to the upper cervical specialty clinic that today serves the greater Kansas City area.

Dr. Fowler is a technique instructor with the Advanced Orthogonal Techniques and Procedures and has lectured on the awareness and importance of the upper cervical spine at Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic and Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida Campus.

In addition to his education, Dr. Fowler was a private practice doctor in Pinellas County, FL from 2004-2011. Following that, he founded Citrus Regional Clinic of Chiropractic in Inverness, FL in April of 2011.

Dr. Fowler's educational and private practice experiences qualify him to care for a wide variety of ailments from which patients may suffer. His mission is to restore health through scientifically based chiropractic care, allowing patients to live and achieve their optimum health potential.

Dr. Jeffrey A. Fowler

2002 - Life University College of Chiropractic, Doctorate of Chiropractic
2002 - Excelsior College, Bachelor of Science

2011 Opened Citrus Regional Clinic of Chiropractic
2004 Private Practice Doctor, Pinellas County, FL
2004 Educational Speaker, Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic
2009 Educational Speaker, Palmer College of Chiropractic
2006 Technique Instructor, Advanced Orthogonal Techniques and Procedures
2002 Post-graduate Internship, Pierce Clinic of Chiropractic
2002 Post-graduate Education, Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic
2001 Work Study, Student EMT

Licensures & Certifications
Florida State Chiropractic License
Board Certified Atlas Orthogonist
National Board of Chiropractic Examiners

Memberships & Associations
Florida Chiropractic Society