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A patient can expect good health when messages from the brain can flow freely to all parts of the body. This communication is critical to the body's natural ability to maintain itself, provided protective elements are maintained.
Misalignment of the head or neck and their relationship to each other can cause interference and prevent the brain from sending its messages to any or all parts of the body. When these messages cannot flow, health problems develop.
Brain messages control, monitor and maintain everything that goes on inside your body. Misalignment or imbalances create sickness and in a lot of cases, pain. When the weight of the head is shifted off center, muscles of the neck and back compensate for the change. This causes the spine and pelvis to twist, leading to various health problems. Realignment restores health and wellness. Understanding this is crucial for preventive health care as well as crisis health care for both children and adults.

Advanced Orthogonal Technique
Upper Cervical care is a unique
chiropractic practice that focuses on the proper alignment of the upper cervical spine. The Advanced Orthogonal Technique, a classification of Upper Cervical, is a painless and precise treatment that allows the body to heal itself naturally, without drugs or surgery. Tailored to each patient, this state-of-the-art procedure minimizes discomfort while maximizing the accuracy of correction.

The causes of spinal misalignment
are many and varied. Some are more obvious, while others can be far less
visible. These causes may differ, but the results are substantially the same: head/neck misalignment causing interference and preventing the brain from sending health and healing messages to all parts of the body. During the consultation, the doctor searches out the underlying cause of the problem.

A careful examination is an important first step. After a thorough evaluation of patient health history and symptoms, the doctor begins a series of tests to locate the exact position of the misalignment. In addition to the neurological and orthopedic testing, the Chiropractor uses specific training to detect even the slightest external indication of interference.

Report of Findings
Patient treatment is decided upon after a thorough evaluation ...
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